Creative Design

Crafted with expertise

If you design it right, it stays right.

For many years Practical Minds have designed and built for some of the worlds most prestigious brands and retailers – we’ve always designed quietly though, helping our partners with creativity in the background, and talking first and foremost about our manufacturing prowess.

It is time now for us to start shouting about everything that we are passionate about and to do more of what we love (design, in case you hadn’t guessed!) – this all alongside and in support of our unique blend of problem-solving and first-rate manufacture and installation.

Although every agency may say it takes a holistic approach to design, we genuinely do – we have a rich depth of multi-discipline experience, allowing us to design the right way for every partner. A project may need insights or graphic design – it may need renders, floorplans or motion content:  We are fortunate to be able to offer the right service, competitively and appropriately, whilst keeping customer care and consultation at our core.

Creative design is our passion

When it comes to the work we do, we’re lucky, really lucky.  We are get to work with partners on projects that enthral us, that make us excited – that makes us think about work out of hours in a good way!  Who we work for varies:  Sometimes it will be for a global brand; and sometimes it is for a small independent chain, a pharmacy, a bakery,  Town Centre branding – or an exhibition. Our purpose is excellent work, excellently delivered.

Multi-discipline Design

Please contact us to talk about any or all of the design services that we offer:  Insights, Ideation, Creative Design, Sketch Design, 3D render, Graphic Design, Branding,  Art-working, Digital content, Development Design. We’ll create the perfect creative package to suit your budget, time and expectations.

Who We Do It For