Heist Studios London

Practical Minds worked on the creative, technical development, manufacture, print and install for this striking pop-up shop in London.

Heist Studios exist to the turn the underwear industry upside down with the radical belief that bodywear shouldn’t hold you back. By looking at how people move, actually move, they make garments that are break-through in their design, manufacturing techniques and materials.

The minimalist scheme makes the product the star with use of bold accent walls to present messaging, and hinged frames adorn the feature wall to allow access to ten shades and the revolutionary waist bands, the material is highly durable and customers can test this and the shades against their skin tone before trying on the tights.

Heist donate any tried-on tights that are not purchased to UK Charity, Smart Works, which is frankly a very altruistic thing to be doing in order to help women back into work. It’s a cool brand with a heart and we have loved working with them.

Photo Credit:  Gary Morrisoe